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Ykipinky Creative Designs
Be Original !

     We love so much what we do! 
    Everything is painted and accessorized with our little hands, they are handmade!

There are a myriad of reasons why we love handmade things.
But one of the best thing is that it implies a uniquess so often lost in our crazy world.
 Items created by hand are each a bit different even if they are meant to be the same! We could make a million of jeans roses. But, they would each be a bit differnt.
           We make no apologies, mother nature makes each of her flowers a bit different too!
     We love the one of a kind creations that spring from the heads and hearts and lovingly take shape in someone's hands. The wonderful and sometimes widly unique ideas that can not be or will not be duplicated. When we design we strive to make a uniquly artistic pice, something different from what we find in usually stores.

However, we belive the important thing is the joy we feel from the process.We love imagining, planing and puzzling over every creation.
     Fabulos, frightful or somewhere between, each of our designs are ours.
Something unique and very special to us.

Just remember: 

   Handmade things are much more expensive than things made by a machine.
   Handmade things are unique, they are one of a kind. 
    Making is unique in creation.

So take something truely unique,
just because you can!

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